Historical Scenes along the Little Muskingum River Valley

The original watercolor painting that this was printed from was drawn by National Nature Award Winning Rita V Schultheis. Mrs. Schultheis's interest in these scenes started when she and her husband Thomas D. Schultheis purchased their home on Cow Run Road in 1978. Being a Local Resident she researched the past history of each scene included in her painting to give you, the beholder a better understanding of the importance they have to our past.

The Hills Bridge is pictured in the top left corner. This bridge is located on County Road 333. It was built in1887 by Hocking Valley Bridge Works. It features a Howe Truss. Ohio once had more covered bridges then any other state. There were over 2,000 of them. The national leader today is Pennsylvania. The Hune Covered Bridge to the right is located at SR 26 and Independance township route 34. It was built in 1879, with a 12 panel long truss. 

The Mail Pouch Barn in the top right corner belongs to Richard and Martha Biel. Their barn was originally painted in 1935, earning them $5.00 a year. It was last painted in 1988, the man who painted it at this time signed and dated it as he was preparing to retire soon after its completion.

Below Mr. and Mrs. Biehl's barn is the historical landmark Hune House, which is located along SR 26. It was built in two sections by William Hune, an early settler in the community of Lawrence, the first part was built in 1885 and the addition was added in 1889. It is believed that the Hunes took in boarders, and the house was called locally "Hune Inn"

At the bottom right corner is the Rinard Covered Bridge, Located along SR 26 and Washington County Route 406, this bridge was built in 1876.

Centered at the bottom is the Lawrence Elementary School. Originally built at Dart in 1935, it served as a high school until 1968. Now Kindergarten through Eight grade attend classes at this proud historical building (Now its closed)

Biehl's Store is pictured in the bottom left corner. It has been in the family since 1921, when Delbert C. Biehl bought the Moss Run store from the McCowan Family. The McCowan's had run this store since 1863. The store goes back at least to the 1850's. 

Dick Biehl took over the store in 1950 when his father died. The last day for business at the Biehl's store was Friday, October 15, 1993. It has been in the Biehl family for over 70 years.

Pictured above Biehl's Store is the Myers General Store, located at Wingett Run. Built in 1890 this store has been serving this and near-by communities for over 100 years. (Is now closed)

It was purchased from Robert Albercht on November 1, 1986 by Roger Myers.

In the "old" days residents could send and pick up their mail here, and it was for many years, the site of the only telephone in the community.

Centered is the Catherine Fay Ewing Children's Home Monument located at SR 26 and Lawrence Twp  Route 584.

In 1858, Catherine Fay Ewing Founded the First Children's Home supported by taxation at this site 12 miles east of Marietta.

During Miss Fa's tenure in Moss Run she had taken care pf pver 100 children, placing them in decent homes whenever possible. In April of 1867 the children were to a new home by the Directors of County Infirmary, one year after Miss Fay saw her hopes realized when the state legislators passed an act to provide for the establishment, support, and regulation of "Children's Homes" in several Ohio counties.

Centered above the monument is the old time Oil derrick. Without question, the single most important resource in Lawrence, in terms of money, was oil. John Newton in partnership with Mophet Dye sank the first shaft, near the summit of the break, on Cow Run. In 1860, oil was found at the depth of 140 feet. It flowed at a rate of thirty barrels a day. The population of Lawrence in 1860, according to the Atlas of Washington County was 1,627. By 1870 the population was 2,860. This gave Lawrence the highest population in the county, with the exception of Marietta. The Oil boom was indeed one of the most exciting chapters in the history of Lawrence. The latest census taken in 1990 shows the population in Lawrence Township was 885, a fraction of years past.

As an artist and resident of this historically rich area, i have enjoyed doing this painting and research. I hope that everyone who visits our beautiful area will appreciate the history that has paved the future for us and our childrem.

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