Treasured Artwork

The following works of art hold a special place for Mrs. Schultheis

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Smokey Blaze

Original pastel headpose on left and original oil painting full body on right of Mrs. Schultheis's first beloved horse, Smokey Blaze.
Her parents purchased Smokey Blaze as a six week old colt and she grew up learning from him, and loving him for 33 years.
Fifteen of those years were spent in the show ring winning ribbons. She and Blaze also did lots of trail riding and other activities together.

Hiltop Two Stars

Original pastel headpose on left and original oil portrait full body on right of the artists registered AQHA colt, Hiltop Two Stars, at three years of age.
He died at ten years of age from a twisted intestine during a bout of colic.

This painting is "not for sale" Mrs. Schultheis intends to keep it in memory of her beloved friend.

Cherokee's Barney

Original pastel headpose on left and original oil full body on right.
Rita first met Barney when she was 9 years old. He belonged to her Aunt who asked Rita to train him. Barney and Rita developed such a bond that her Aunt later sold him to her and for twenty some years they were best buds. She taught Barney all kinds of tricks and won many races and ribbons through the years he even went swimming, ice skating, plowed gardens, pulled sleds, and worked for charity's over the years with Rita's help.

Ohio 200 Bicentennial

This is the original watercolor approved and licensed by the Ohio Bicentennial Commission office in 2003 for reproduction of 50 collector prints and one Artist Proof to commenerate Ohio's 200 Bicentennial. Painted by artist Rita V. Schultheis, June of 2003, all fifty prints sold within their first week of release.

Perry Homstead

The Perry Homestead was originally painted with a limited run of only nine(9) prints made from it by Mrs. Schultheis, to be auctioned at her family reunions.
The prints are not available for sale to the general public.
Each 11x17 print is to be auctioned off unframed and comes with the Perry Family History as researched by Mrs. Schultheis.

Artist's Parents

This award winning charcoal drawing of Rita's parents holds special feelings for her, having been completed after her mothers death.

~~All artwork is copyrighted and may not be used for any purpose without Mrs. Schultheis's written permission~~




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