Historical Scenes along the Little Muskingum River.

The Historical Scenes along the Little Muskingum River was Mrs. Schultheis's second print release. The scenes depicted on this print reflect the rural countryside along State Route #26 and the Little Muskingum River, in Washington County, Ohio. This area is rich in history and has many scenic places for one to enjoy the simpler things in life. This size also comes with a written map key that explains where each scene is located and some of it's historical significance. The original artwork was published in the 1997 summer issue of Ohio's Over The Backfence magazine. This print comes in size 16" x 20" and 4" x 6", call or email for price and availability

Three Queens & Company.

Three Queen's & Company print was released in 1996. This colored collage depicts the majestic Delta Queen, the American Queen, the Mississippi Queen, the Becky Thatcher, W.P. Snyder, and the Valley Gem all along the Muskingum and Ohio River banks near Marietta, Ohio. The larger size is hand signed by the artist and comes with a key so you can easily tell which boat is which. The original Three Queens & Company painting was painted in watercolors and entered in several art shows, winning first place honors in many. This print comes in 17" x 21" or 4" x 6", call for price and availability

Scenes Of Marietta.

Scenes Of Marietta prints were released in 1997. The original 30x40 artwork was painted in watercolors by Mrs. Schultheis as a tribute to Marietta, Ohio. This wonderful hometown print focuses on several of the historical downtown buildings and scenes in Marietta. Places that hold our cities unique old time flavor for tourists as well as local citizens who have relocated. This work of art has also been shown at many art shows and won several acclaims before Mrs. Schultheis invested in hand signed prints for public sales. Included with the larger size print is a map key to tell about each scene and where it is located in the city. This print comes in 17" x 21" or 4" x 6", call or email for price and availability

Covered Bridges Of Washington County

Covered Bridges Of Washington County is Mrs. Schultheis's fifth print release. This wonderful collage showcases the 10 remaining covered bridges in Washington County, Ohio. The key included with the 11x17 print tells not only the location of each bridge but the year built and the uniqueness of its trusses and why they are so special to our area history. The original artwork was done in watercolors. Mrs. Schultheis photographed each of the 10 bridges and researched their history to make the key more interesting to this print before completing her work of art. This print comes in 11" x 17" or 4" x 6", call or email for price and availability

Turkey On Parade

This is a "Limited Edition Print," great for the wildlife art collector. It is hand signed and numbered by the Artist. Print run was limited to 500 copies and "Fifteen Artist Remarques" each print comes with a registration certificate. This print comes 17" x 21" and 4" x 6", call or email for price and availability.

Marietta High School

Marietta Middle School

In 2003 Mrs. Schultheis painted original watercolors of two local schools, hand signed 11x17 prints available of both the new Marietta Senior High School established in 1966 and then old High School 1926-1966, Marietta Junior High School 1966-1987 turned to Marietta Middle School fall 1987. Call or email for price and availability.

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