Watercolor, Acrylics, Pen & Ink

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Pen/Ink or Pointism Artwork

These are portraits done with pen/ink. The style of the first and second drawings are done in pointism which consists of the drawing being formed by making small dots repeatedly over and over. One never draws a line in this style of artwork, it is "all" dots.

Acrylic On Leather

These are done with acrylic on leather stretched over a wooden hoop and decorated with leather, beads and feathers. No two shields are exactly alike in art or decoration.


Pastels are the same pigments used in oil painting only in a drier chalk form. I prefer to use pastel pencils over the stick but use both at times to attain the life like quality I want in my subjects when doing portrait work.


Watercolors are the most challenging media to work with. I like to do my watercolors in layers like an acrylic to create the details found in life as opposed to the usual free flowing impressionistic style other artists use.


Be it pastels, charcoal, water color, or oils, each of my pieces are a detailed likeness of its subject-animals, person or landscape. My technique has proved successful with awards both local and national. I was honored to receive a thank you letter from Doris Day for the portrait I did of her dog. I have paintings hanging in several states across the nation and internationally. At my shop there are a variety of treasures and services, I also sell my own paintings and prints, which include several scenes of Marietta, and surrounding areas, wildlife limited editions also all types of framing to complete your portrait. I have over 800 mouldings, 100 mat colors and more then a dozen standard size frames in stock. The shop compliments its offerings with gifts selections, Leanin' Tree cards, prints. My portraits are perfect for giving to that special person in your life or even for yourself. They will be cherished forever. They also make great Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Anniversary gifts.




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